Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance

Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance

At Nimbus9, we recognize the power of collective action and the impact it can have on shaping a brighter future. As we step into February, dedicated to Cancer Prevention Month, we have the privilege to support the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA) to contribute to the fight against ovarian cancer.

The statistics surrounding ovarian cancer are sobering. The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2024, about 19,680 women in the United States will receive a new diagnosis of ovarian cancer, and tragically, approximately 12,740 women will lose their lives to this formidable disease. Ovarian cancer stands as one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths among women, emphasizing the urgent need for continued research, awareness, and support.

A woman's risk of developing ovarian cancer during her lifetime is about 1 in 87, with a lifetime chance of dying from ovarian cancer at approximately 1 in 130. These statistics highlight the gravity of the situation and underscore the importance of initiatives like those led by OCRA.

This February, Nimbus9 stands united with OCRA in the mission to make a difference. By directing 10% of our online proceeds to support ovarian cancer research, we aim to contribute to breakthroughs that can change these statistics and bring hope to those affected.

Choosing Nimbus9 is not just a purchase; it's a statement of solidarity. By joining us, you become part of a community dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the lives of those affected by ovarian cancer. Let's turn these statistics around, advocate for early detection, and support research that will lead to better treatments and, ultimately, save lives.

Thank you for being a part of the Nimbus9 family as we align our efforts with OCRA during Cancer Prevention Month. Together, we can make strides towards a future where the impact of ovarian cancer is diminished, and the hope for a cure becomes a reality.
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